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Reinier van der Linden (a.k.a. Rendier) - The chairman

"Coordinating every move of the IT mission of the Impossible Mission Force of DSBV Punch, this commander in charge has taken on his own mission impossible. However, by keeping a straight face when necessary and by keeping the good mood within the group with his punchy lines (ha ha, bier), this mission impossible is a walk in the park for our chairman."

Angelos Karagiannis (a.k.a. Angel) - The secretary

"He doesn’t only like basketball, but he is also into tennis and a bit of volleyball; you could say he’s a sporty Greek ;). He’s not just a sporty guy, but also quite clever, as he is a 2nd year Aerospace Engineering student. It might just turn out he is single too, so ladies…
Angel is a hard worker with good ideas and a good overview of what’s being said and what’s important, which is key to his function as our secretary. So if there are any mistakes in the minutes he makes during our meetings, he gets a ‘strafadtje’ (if you don’t know what that is, just ask him, he’ll be delighted to tell you!).
Additionally, Angel is the only reason why we have to talk english during our meetings. This, however, we sometimes forget, and when we ramble on in Dutch he just starts talking dutch, like “uhuh jaa ik snap t” (‘uhuh yes I get it’) and quickly reminds us that we have to switch back to english.
All in all, Angel is a good guy, with a dry sense of humor and a good work ethic. I like having him in the team! "

Luuk Blekman - The treasurer

" "Lucky” Luuk”ster” Blekman, our treasurer, is a sure shot when it comes to minding our pennies. With a strict scepter he rules over finances. Playing as a center, Luuk is a real beast when it comes to rebounding. His hard work-mentality both on and of court is a great asset for this committee. Coming from Utrecht, Luuk just arrived in Delft this August, as he then started his transition year to Offshore Engineering. Even though he is new, he shows a real Delft appetite for beer, which he will most definitely show during the upcoming IT."

Stephan Balvert - The game commissioner

"His shiny smile illuminates the room, but his notorious basketball skills darken the faces of his opponents, as he avoids defenders with the grace of Tom Cruise avoiding bullets. It is with devotion and passion that he carries out his tasks and it is with the same virtues that he sets out on the impossible mission of coordinating the dozens of matches of the IT. For game issues he is the guy to see. But beware: he is a true secret agent and as such, if anything goes wrong, he will deny any involvement and will skilfully slip away."

Juul Kwaks - Food & drinks

"This girl from Leiden University is an indispensable part of the team. She may have a cute appearance but she is capable of great deeds. On the basketball court she sneaks through the defence unseen, like a real secret agent. Coast to coast plays are therefore the rule rather than the exception for this girl. As one of the people responsible for the food and drinks she will make sure you have the power and energy to make your mission ballable!"

Grace Roelofs - Food & drinks

"When it comes to pleasing our appetite, Grace faces a real mission impossible. However, together with her trusty sidekick Juul, the girls manage to fill our stomachs and make sure we don’t have a dry throat. Also on the court Grace knows what to do: by almost coaching her teammates she runs over the court and lets the others know what to do. Even though Grace is the oldest amongst the committee members and not a student anymore, she has found her way within the group and made herself an indispensable part of it. With Grace on the team nothing is a mission imballable."

Toon Nieboer - Party commissioner

"At first sight, Toon seems like a perfectly normal guy – slightly boring even: studies Chemical Engineering at the TU Delft, plays a little basketball every now and then, and lives in the most civic, far away neighborhood of The Hague.
Nothing, however, will turn out to be less true.. Never-ever will it be hard to convince Toon to come out for a drink or to come by at a party. Even, if so desired, this crazy party animal will put his chemistry skills to good use and brew all kinds of crazy drinks. Additionally, he will make any party a success with his stunning good looks (some call him a ‘balding Tom Cruise’) and by showing off his mean ass velociraptor impersonation. Having Toon as the party commissioner will undoubtedly be the source of two incredibly amazing parties."

Kimberley Bouman - Board member

"You can recognize her by her cute face and lovable blond hair. But don't be fooled. This powerwoman with big personality knows exactly what she wants. She tolerates no contradiction, is smart, and an absolute multitask talent. She has always got a mission. President of Punch, member of the 16th and 17th IT committee, student chemical engineering, student assistant, and guard of D1 and D2. Hidden specialty on court: eurostep."